Blind reading – me:you

concept for blind people to recognize known persons on the street

The concept „me : you“ helps blind and visually impaired to get in contact with known persons on the street by themselves. It consists of three components: a tactile bracelet, a camera and a smartphone-app.

To recognize people they first need to be identified and located. After that the user is navigated by the tactile bracelet. From a short distance the camera and a biometric facial recognition software allow him to haptically perceive other persons facial expression and to adjust his own reactions. This leads to a major independence in communication. The output of vibration, pressure and a tactile display make the system a new experience for the sense of touch. It enables a new way of handling without using the eyes.
The app „meet : you“ works like a social network, which is used to find friends who are around. It comes along with several features like individually definable profiles including user data and pictures as well as GPS tracking.

For this project I created personas, paper prototypes, a flash-clickdummy and models of the physical components.

2013 | Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences

Adobe CS5, Rhinoceros

Scenario 1: Recognize people in a near distance with the camera and feel their facial expression


Scenario 2: Recognize people in a distance up to 500m with GPS via App