Lehrideen vernetzen

A cross-university networking platform to transfer didactic concepts

The platform ‚Lehrideen vernetzen‘ is a project of the Johannes Gutenberg University and the University of Applied Sciences Mainz. It offers opportunities to exchange experiences with colleagues as well as it grants access to certain didactic topics. An extensive search function and automated suggestions of relevant people and content should lead users as quickly as possible to their desired objective.


At the start of the project I conducted research about the target audience to focus on their special needs and prepared use cases. In several workshops I defined the structure and behavior of the extensive online-portal. Within the further progress I created sitemaps, wireframes and prototyped functionalities. In the UI part I worked with different mood designs to approach the right visual appearance. Finally I applied the favorite one to the whole UI and defined specifications for design and behavior. In the process of development I had close contact to the developers and ensured the proper realization.

OUTERMEDIA GmbH as UX and UI Designer

University of Applied Sciences Mainz
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Pen & Paper, Axure, Adobe Creative Cloud

Interaction Design

Use Cases
Mood Design
Final UI-Design